An interview with Peter features in the latest edition of Nouse, here.

“Why are there so many insect species?” A video of a Darwin day lecture given in Feb 2018.

Our paper on insect elevational specialization in Brazilian rainforest was picked up my several science media outlets including AAAS, and Science Daily.

Sam Jones’ paper on stream invertebrates in the North York Moors featured in a couple of science news websites like this one and this one.

The paper (Baker et al. 2016, Plos ONE) detailing our conservation work on the Dark Bordered Beauty moth has featured in the Guardian , the Herald, Current Biology and Butterfly magazine. 

Matthew Clapham’s work on insect diversity in Proc B featured in some web articles such as this one by AAAS.

James Rainford’s Am Nat paper on insect diet and diversity featured in web articles such as Science daily, and won the Am Nat student paper prize

David Nicholson and James Rainford’s papers in Proc B and PloS One resulted in nice coverage in Futurity, Planet Earth Times, and Science Daily, and featured in an article in New Scientist.

The paper on Male-male combats and sexual size dimorphism in a solitary wasp by Margarete de Macedo is presented in this video slide animation.

The PNAS article on Global temperature and biodiversity in the fossil record was recommended in F1000 prime. It also featured in Time Magazine, Nature, the Guardian, and PJM wrote a piece on it for The Conversation.

Luke Tilley’s work on shore fly control by parasitoids featured in Planet Earth News.

The Proceedings B paper on Global temperature and the fossil record went a bit ballistic. As well as receiving a congratulatory e-mail from Al Gore, alongside several from others wishing he would burn in hell, PJM was nominated (but not short-listed) for the Morgan Stanley Great Briton of 2007, under the Environment category (won by Tim Smit). The paper was the top science story on Google for a day, with over 270 web articles including the BBC, National Geographic and Scientific American. There was hard copy coverage in The Times, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Evening Standard and several other local papers in the UK,  and featured in national newspapers worldwide. PJM gave interviews for BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, as well as BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio York, LBC Radio London, The BBC World Service and Sky Radio. It also featured in the 9th edition of “Campbell’s Biology” text book (2010) and in Current Biology.

PJM’s 2002 Proc B paper featured in this TREE news and views commentary.