Welcome to the Research Group led by Peter Mayhew at the University of York. We study the evolutionary and ecological underpinnings of biodiversity. We have built a reputation for focussing on insects. As far as anyone knows, they comprise more than half of all species, so they provoke plenty of interesting questions. However, we are always willing to be diverted onto other taxa. We also do applied work stemming from this, such as biological control and conservation. Have a look at the projects, people, publications, and media pages to see what we get up to in more detail. Our work often involves creating re-usable datasets such as phylogenies, and taxonomic or trait lists: our legacy. These are available here to download for free, but please cite the original source paper if you use in the public domain. We strongly believe in working as a community, so please get in touch if you think we could work together.


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Peter featured in Nouse

You can see the article here. The interviewer chose to focus on Hannah Lewis’ work, which was quite some time ago, but it seemed to interest him and he did a good job of it. The Brazilian project gets a mention.

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